Design For Journalism


All photo's shot and edited by Zachary Rendin

All photo’s shot and edited by Zachary Rendin

This was the first project I ever completed in Adobe Photo Shop CC.  We were asked to create a photo essay, I chose to try and depict the simple life of my dog Miles.  Each photo was resized and color corrected in photoshop.  The idea behind the project to to show the simple like that my dog Miles leads on a daily bases.  


All images created by Zachary Rendin

This is the second project I created in Adobe Photoshop CC.  We were asked to create an infographic on any topic of our choice.  I chose to display in my inforgraphic the disparity in the voting eligible populations and those that actually vote in off-presidential elections.  Beyond this I also made the decision to visually represent the dramatic difference of the demographics in the United States and the elected officials that represent them.

The choice of color scheme is pretty self explanatory, I opted to use the red, white, and blue being that those are the national colors.  I used the same reasoning when choosing and designing my graphics, for example the map of the United States.  I believe that at first glance just by those two choices the viewer has an understanding of what they are looking at.





The objective of this assignment was to create a magazine layout in Adobe Indesign.  I chose to model my layout after Bloomberg Businessweek.  The cover I created was meant to represent the government shutdown that was taking place at the time.   I used Adobe Photoshop CC to create the “closed” sign and used a screen shot of the website.  I thought this image could accurately grab the readers attention and understand that the feature would be focused on this topic.

If viewed closely the project is completed with filler text, so I had design a layout that would be able to tell a story.  The reason for the shutdown was division between the two major political parties based on raising the debt ceiling.  The two faces of each party was that of President Barrak Obama for the Democrats/Left and Speaker of The House of Representatives Rep. John Boehner for the Republicans/Right.  I used images from the AP to make them appear adversarial.

I decided to use the quote by Abraham Lincoln in the lead and adjust the Kerning to reenforce the words “against itself” and how important they were.  A important factor in this story was the division of the House of representatives, leading to a partial collapse in the functioning of government.  This led to my choices on pages “60” and “61”.  This layout would feature the budget goals of the right wing Republicans on the right as well as the the left wing Democrats on the left.  My color choice was also that of what is associated along party lines.  The most clear representation of conflict in this spread it that of the split capital building and the ominous clouded background.  It is of my belief, that the readership of this particular magazine could open to this spread after viewing that cover and grasp what the theme content is without reading a word.

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