Philadelphian Students Cover Unique Jobs and Small Businesses that Flourish within their Community

Christian Kunkel & Ali Quest work in their shared work space at Devnuts/ Photo Credit Zachary Rendin

Christian Kunkel & Ali Wiest work in their shared work space at Devnuts/ Photo Credit Zachary Rendin

Philadelphia, PA- The Baby Boomer job market is long gone and the jobs that were once eagerly awaiting anyone with a college degree are far from a sure thing.  However, what has been called “generation next” has not sat idly by waiting for the economy to hand them the solution.

Temple University Journalism students Jasmine Payoute and Zachary Rendin will give a fresh perspective on what the new-age job markets have to offer.  Thirty years ago jobs like video game tutoring and creating and running a sports and social club didn’t exist.  Advances in technology and social networking have offered a springboard to success. These entrepreneurs have looked at the market and carved out a place to call their own by putting up for sale what they do best.

Stories will highlight establishments like Indy Hall, a Philadelphia based company that gives entrepreneurs a relaxed comfortable environment where they can share ideas, form relationships and support one another regardless of profession. All of the people involved are self employed or small business owners.

Additional storylines will include: A day in the life exposes of start-up small businesses owners and breaking into the market, branching out on your own and how to get started, Philadelphia’s most unique jobs and different looks at the those that didn’t make it.  The goal is to bring attention to small companies and show that there are different ways of existing and creating jobs within the labor force with or without a college degree.

Jasmine and Zachary will also seek to highlight what the Philadelphia city government is doing to facilitate the growth of these new industries. They will also explore movement behind supporting “locally owned” and how zoning boards have kept out corporate franchises allowing these businesses to prosper.

With Philadelphia becoming a post-modern city staying relevant with needs of the market has created immense opportunity for the growth and development of unique industries.  Shining a light on the struggle to find their place among the noise will help expose these specialized start-ups looking to serve the needs of their neighbors.

If you or anyone you know has made their living in a unique and interesting way here in the Philadelphia area and wish to share your stories, feel free to contact Jasmine & Zachary and


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